Atlantica Online Leveling Guide

Atlantica unlike similar games that are online, Atlantica on the internet is different for its battle system. Strategic battle plays a little role in this sport than that which one may see in MMO games and thousands of gamers are enjoying it because it requires ability and believing. There are numerous attributes in Atlantica online that you should get familiar with.


Crafting in Atlantica online is an extremely important facet of the sport, since you’re able to craft the majority of the gear you and your mercenaries use in the game. The thing is that can by crafting abilities or it is possible to locate a participant with ability in a craft and learn it. With crafting you gain experience, after.

Coaching center

Training centre is a distinctive feature that allows you and your guild to train fighting with creatures. Based on the number of monsters you defeat you’ll be given a number.


There is a good deal of different out there in AO that belong into several classes depending on what type of weapon they wield marks, team, axe, spear, gun, bow, cannon, tool and electricity saw marks.


There are lots of quests in Atlantica, that you have to finish those may be overlooked. These quests help an excellent deal with improving your personality and should not be overlooked if you don’t would like to level up.

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