Should you use beard oil and beard wax at the same time

There has always been a constant debate on whether to use beard oil or beard wax since the products are pretty similar. However, there are a few differences in both products which can be instantly noticed. For example, the concentration of the substance. Beard oil is basically a mixture of carrier oils which assist in nourishing the beard so the beard would grow out in a healthy form.

As for beard wax, the concentration is much higher compared to beard oil although it contains almost the same types of carrier oils, but with the addition of beeswax. The addition of beeswax as its ingredient gives beard wax a styling component as compared to beard oil which primary purpose is to nourish and condition the beard. Now, here comes the real question, can you use beard oil and beard wax together? The answer is definitely yes. However, it also depends on the condition of beard you are growing or have. For example, if your beard is very short, there is no reason for you to mix beard oil and beard wax as the beard would be to short for any styling or shaping.

A simple beard oil would do to ensure the conditioning and softening of the beard. However, if your beard is longer, a mixture of beard oil and beard wax would definitely be the best choice for your beard. The best thing is there would not be any side effects by mixing both products. Use beard oil daily to ensure nourishing of the beard and add a touch of beard wax whenever you need some styling when going outdoors. Primitive Outpost is known to be offer the best beard wax and beard oil brands so be sure to check the website out.