Types of Keys

Door keys, car keys, safe keys, bump keys. There are so many types of keys for different types of locks and the number of key and lock variations are increasing as technology continues to grow. Nowadays, you don’t really have to rely on solid keys to unlock things, but you can also use your fingerprint as well.

One of the most common types of keys used in a majority of cars is the Transponder key. Transponders or chip keys are electronic keys that can be activated with radio signals received from the car when it is placed into the ignition. Transponders are made and designed to prevent car theft as it works by not responding to activation if there is a wrong circuit code. Not only that, it is quite difficult to duplicate a transponder key, thus reducing the possibilities of someone making an unauthorized copy to steal your vehicle. Some transponder keys have special features such as shutting down the whole car if the wrong key is used.

For house keys, double or four-sided keys are usually used on front doors. They’re different from the usual keys that you see every day as these type of keys has two or four sets of valleys on each side. For better security, it is advised to get locks that use double/four-sided keys as the extra valleys inside the lock makes it harder for thieves to pick, making it a simple and affordable way to add security to your home.

Other than that, dimple keys, skeleton keys, and paracentric keys are just the many few that are not as common as regular flat keys with one-sided valleys. If you’re looking to create keys or hire a key duplication service, visit keysmiths.com for more information.